About us

The Independent Basic Union of Heidelberg fights for better wages and working conditions for all workers, but also for the unemployed and people in all situations in between (IchAG, Hartz4, low-wage sector, illegal work, students and schoolchildren). We are thus organized across industries and support people who cannot or do not want to organize themselves in ordinary unions. In contrast to traditional unions, we have no paid functionaries. The members make the decisions on a grassroots basis.
We are not only concerned with classic wage issues and employment contracts, but also with the non-dominant organization of work in the interests of wage-earners (e.g. questions of hierarchy and decision-making processes). We show solidarity with those affected by capitalist exploitation and oppression, with people who are affected by sexism and racism at their workplace. We are also particularly in solidarity with those affected beyond the classic working class, such as all care workers and unemployed people. In principle, we are always on the side of the employees.
Our union work lives from the self-organization and self-assertion of those affected. This includes legal advice, answering organizational questions, a strategic approach, as well as direct actions to exert direct pressure on employers. We strive for a domination-free society beyond capitalism, for a good life for everyone!

We strongly sympathize with the ideals of the Free Workers' Union ( FAU ) and would like to join the federation as soon as possible. The FAU is an anarcho-syndicalist union federation consisting of local individual trade unions. According to their and our ideals, union work goes beyond simply representing the interests of workers. The goals are to fight for and protect the interests of the individual workers in order to create a solidarity with one another that leads to change in society as a whole. The goal is industrial action in every size.

We have been building the independent base trade union in Heidelberg since 2019 because there is no organization of this type in the city yet. Especially in these troubled times, we consider it very necessary that they exist in order to remain able to act, in solidarity and free from hierarchies despite fear and uncertainty.
We would be delighted if you would like to support us and get involved. If this interests you or you want to participate, the best thing to do is to get in touch at: fauhd-kontakt@fau.org .