• [Fem* Faust]

    Rally and information stand for International Women's Day

    March 4, 2021

    The FAU Heidelberg is part of organizing the International Women's Day in Heidelberg. We are referring to the general call to action.

    The crisis lies within the system – together against capitalism and patriarchy!

    One year after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic it has become more than clear: women belong to those most affected by the current situation.
    The pandemic has made the social grievances, which are usually talked down, undeniable. The double and triple burden of women has now emerged even more clearly. Labour and employment, childcare and housekeeping have to be juggled as care work within the family context is still being considered as women’s work. This load affects single mothers with twice the impact.

    The massive increase in domestic abuse during the pandemic has shown in the most cruel way that home is a dangerous place for many women that live with their husbands and partners. The restrictions of public life are forcing numerous women back in this very sphere of the private. ...

    The rest can be read here.

    Come by! There will be a rally at Universitätsplatz from 5-7 p.m. From 11am-5pm there will be an information stand at the same location beforehand and if you're lucky you'll catch someone from us.

  • delivery bike

    Hello world!

    November 6, 2020

    Now too through the streets of Heidelberg prowl black cats – this town now has its own official FAU!

    After spending the first year under the name of “Unabhängige Basisgewerkschaft Heidelberg” in September of 2020, in the middle of the Corona crisis, we made the transition into a part of the FAU federation.

    Whether construction workers, students, single parents, “bullshit-job” employees or the unemployed – we stand in solidarity with you, we’re infuriated, we’re anticapitalistic and we’re not particularly preoccupied with the rules of capitalism! There are no “too small” labour conflicts! There is no “unqualified” work! With love and solidarity to all comrades – your new local FAU in Heidelberg.

    Come by our plenary meeting! You can find out Where and When on our website: heidelberg.fau.org or write us at fauhd_kontakt@fau.org

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    Report: Platform Economy workshop

    December 29, 2020

    Last Friday, on October 16th, the event “Organising in Delivery Service” took place as previously announced. We extend our sincere gratitude once more to Orry Mittenmayer and Walid Ibrahim for coming through despite the complications caused by COVID 19.

    Orry Mittenmayer, an activist of the campaign “Liefern am Limit”, gave practical guidelines for organising as employees of delivery services. His experiences were given a wider theoretical background by Walid Ibrahim , labour- and economic sociologist from University Jena, who spoke about the digitalisation of work, platform economy and the working conditions that come with that.

    For everyone who would’ve liked to attend, there is a brief summary of the presented topics under read-more. If you’re interested in the topic, can relate, want to let us know more or just vent your frustrations about it, let us know at organizing-hd@riseup.net.

  • [Telephonberatung]

    Our Experiences with Consultation

    September 12, 2020

    For almost half a year now we, the UBG Heidelberg, offer labour-related counselling. We began at the same time as the Covid pandemic and the lockdown measures in Germany did, in April 2020. It was immediately clear the situation would present a crisis for employed persons, and we wished to offer our solidarity. The decision to create the hotline proved to be a success.
    No matter how extensive or small your inquiry may seem, we look forward to hearing from you. Our goal is to work on your options and next steps together. Don’t let your boss mistreat you! Call us, stop by, organise!

  • Aktion Arbeitsunrecht

    Coronavirus Outbreak at a Tönnies Slaughterhouse

    June 21, 2020, Reference to an article written by Aktion Arbeitsunrecht

    Coronavirus, capitalist exploitation, the shitty system and all at the cost of workers - this synergy of shit can be seen one-to-one at the Tönnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. In view of the circumstances there, one has to be surprised that things went well there for so long.

    But at least as soon as the threat reaches from the sloughterhouses right into the Germans' own living room topics such as contracts for work, exploitation,factory farming, inhumane accommodation and illegal contractual clauses become relevant for state parliaments, large unions, parties and media.

    We won’t unravel the amalgamations of capitalism, racism, exploitation, flexibility of the labor market and globalization ourselves, but would like to refer you to the long-lasting work of the comrades von Arbeitsunrecht e.V., who picked up a fight with Tönnies and his shitty exploitation system even before the coronavirus spreaded – have fun while reading: Artikel von Arbeitsunrecht

    Please note: The recommended article is written in German. Please use a common translator like Google Translate to read the article in your prefered language.

  • Flyer Telefonberatung

    Labor dispute in times of Corona

    These troubled times are not easy to handle, and as it seems like that this period will last for some time before we can all go back to normal. Right now you can hear the bullshit talk about saving the economy on all channels, and employers’ association getting support from the government so they can regain their production level straight after the crisis!
    But what about us? The people who depend on the monthly paid wages? What’s with us who can not easily apply for a 9000-30,000€ support from the state depending on the size of the company?! ...

  • The integration agreement (EGV) - the first hack of the job center

    April 18, 2020

    Imagine you've lost your job, your income. Unfortunately you had to change jobs several times in the last year so that you cannot apply for Arbeitslosengeld I ... Now you have a few hours while the children are in school and you think you are doing the right thing by going to the Jobcenter register, and apply for Arbeitslosengeld II (Hartz IV) ...